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What does "philosophise" mean?

Philosophising means actively dealing with a topic, with your fellow human beings and your environment in a protected environment. This is done through practical exercises and a philosophical discussion in a group in a protected, respectful setting.
The academy has combined methods of philosophising from p4c (philosophy for children) to the Socratic conversation and merged it to a comprehensive cultural technique. We offer a diverse range of courses and educational programs. Philosophising is suitable for children and young people as well as for adults of all professions. << read more >> 

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Practical spring seminar in English in our academy

with the students of the Central European University  (CEU)


   Philo Wandering 

"Wandering and philosophising with children and adults"

Join us on a foray through the Vienna Woods Biosphere Park and marvel at the nature on your doorstep. Find out what rituals and meditations Native American tribes did in nature. The cultural technique of philosophising in the form of a guided conversation means immersing yourself in a topic such as mindfulness or sustainability and doing research on it in the group. The program is led by Uly Paya (Philosophy Academy) and Sandra Atac (Biosphere Special Agent). <<< Anmeldung & Info >>>



L14 Education fair Vienna

We have been an integral part of the L14 AK Vienna for years.
This year we were fully booked again with a total of 21 workshops!

Thanks to
Sahra Ücelehan for the great teamwork!


edulands for transitions

We have been invited by the University of Applied Arts to take part in the Erasmus+ project "edulands for transitions". In addition to Austria, Spain, Italy and Georgia are also "participating". The aim of edulands for transitions 1 is to develop tools that close gaps between social, emotional and natural heritage, local landscape and sustainability and contribute to a practice-oriented and co-developed pedagogy for sustainability and education in the 21st century .




Coming up!

Workshops, Erfindungen, Upcycling, philosophischen Gespräche,

gesundes Essen, Abenteuer, Spaß und Gemeinschaft!

Themen: Gemeinschaft, Frieden, Alternativ-Energien...



5. Döblinger "suitcase" art market 26.5.2024

art out of the suitcase 

live music



The suitcase market serves artists to offer their craft,
to revitalize the district of Döbling and to offer musicians a platform.
There is again high-quality art such as knitwear,
upcycled art, design fashion, scarves, shawls,
Life art cards, pictures, jewellery, dolls, gifts...


free entree! children are welcome!


"What role does education play in times of crisis"

A moving mind and body are essential to a healthy immune system. Many fears could not arise at all if we dealt more with the really important issues in life in advance:

"Where does man come from?"
"What does life actually mean and what is death?"
"Where does humor come from and why does it even exist?"
"How do we actually want to live?"
"What would a good education be?" ...

But where in the current media and consumer landscape can we talk about such topics in an impartial manner? When we philosophise, we can research such important life issues in a group, and not just in a crisis. It is perhaps the best immunization against the mental and emotional burdens of our time caused by pandemics or war.

Shouldn't we be offering new cultural techniques to future generations, in addition to knowledge, in order to develop our attitude towards ourselves and towards the community? That would probably be timely education. And it would be sustainable and healing.

Uly Paya, 2022


Philosophising in the Vienna Clock Museum

Veranstaltung für Kinder / Workshops

Anmeldung unbedingt erforderlich, begrenzte Teilnehmer*innenzahl

Schon wieder wird zu Beginn der Sommerzeit an der Uhr gedreht. Wir nehmen dies zum Anlass, um über die Frage „was ist Zeit?“ zu philosophieren. Welche Fragen wollen wir noch stellen und welche Antworten können uns auch die Uhren im Museum geben? Alle Fragen und Antworten sind erlaubt und möglich!

Eine philosophische Erkundung mit Uly Paya von der Akademie Philosophieren mit Kindern und Jugendlichen und Irmi Mac Guire vom Wien Museum

Ab 8 Jahren
Dauer: ca. 120 Minuten

Anmeldung nicht mehr möglich!



Unser Akademie Flyer:

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The "Oasis of Life Questions"


Oase der Lebensfragen in Wien19
The Oasis with Torsten Büsing

The "Oasis of Life Questions" has been in front of the Academy building and opposite the Neulandschule since 2019. It is a "Graetzloase" in Vienna initiated by the Academy, which wants to recapture public space for the general public. It is currently the first and only "parklet" in the 19th district, i.e. it is there instead of parked cars and serves as a place for passers-by or schoolchildren to stay, to study and of course to think.



"Fragen, Forschen, Glücklichsein"

das Buch zum Einlesen ins Philosophieren

<<< Details & Bestellmöglichkeit >>>



"Was bedeutet Philosophieren eigentlich?"


Erfahren Sie in 6:43 Minuten, was Philosophieren eigentlich bedeutet...






Uly Paya in conversation with Thomas E. Jackson,
a veteran of p4c, philosophy for children





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